Hotel Ecological

Being consistent with the message of respect for environment that we want to transmit, we have generated the following actions:

Care for the EARTH resource:

The waste classification allows the use of organic waste which, after receiving treatment, is used as compost and fertilizer.

The sanitation system allows that, in a natural manner and through decantation in closed pools treated with EM, sanitary waters are purified and the resulting liquid may be used for watering without any risk to health or environment.

Products for cleaning, hygiene and toiletries used are natural and handmade, avoiding the discharge of chemical products. In this way, the water that goes to the sanitary system through the sanitary circuit can be naturally purified without altering the process.

Care for the WATER resource:

Toilets have a dual flush system to be used in an efficient manner avoiding the waste of large amounts. Dual flush cisterns save almost 50% of drinking water used in bathrooms.

In our orchards agrochemicals are not used in order to prevent them from getting into the earth and contaminate underground water springs.  Instead, natural products are used. They were created from the mixture of weeds and native trees fruits to control pests.

Care for the ENVIRMONMENT resource:

Our premise is to promote a healthy environment. Sound, electric and air pollution are factors that quickly disharmony human beings. Therefore, smoking is not allowed within the premises and the maximum respect for privacy and silence is promoted. Rooms have a general electrical lockout system in order to prevent electric radiation during sleep hours and rooms have been created avoiding radiations which are harmful to health. In addition, glasses and double walls ensure less that 20 decibels in rooms.

Our skin is also sensitive to static and chemical substances that come in contact with it. Hence, all the products and objects that have contact with skin while staying at Cerro Místico are natural. For example, floors and furniture are made of wood and treated only with olive oil.