Rooms Rates

Single room $170
Double room $150
Triple room $130

All rates are in US dollars per night and per person. There is no room for children under 12.

They include full board* service, toiletries, linen, use of the hotel installations and services, all the activities, available courses and workshops.

*Full board: It includes four meals and drinks. Meals are healthy, homemade and varied, contemplating preferences and habits of guests.

We also provide options for vegetarians, vegans, diabetics, etc.

Tea afternoons for groups: $ 500 (minimum: 15 individuals)
It includes: tea, coffee, cheese and seeds scones, homemade jams, moist lemon cake, cupcakes, orange and chocolate sponge cakes.


Day for groups: $1.500 each (minimum: 15 individuals)
It includes:Lunch (meal, dessert, homemade bread and drinks), full afternoon snack, exclusive use of installations and activity or workshop, according to choice.

*Rates: Consult for special rates for groups, workshops and retreats.
*Workshops are available at any time and they are personalized for guests.
* There is no room for children under 12.
*In order to ensure silence, rest and privacy of guests no visits are accepted without previous coordination.
*Reservations require the previous payment of 50% of the total amount for the stay. The stay cancellation with less than 72 hours of anticipation with regard to the date agreed will generate the non-refundable loss of the reservation payment made.