Rooms Characteristics

Bioenergetic characteristics:

Each room was carefully and bionergetically located from its foundation. Doors as well and windows were designed for the entrance of positive energy only, taking into account Hartman and Curry laws and the polarity of each grid.

The electrical system provides independent circuits offering the possibility that each room may disconnect all power during hours of rest in order to be 100% free of any radiation and electromagnetic interference.

Colours used as well as decoration, based on symbols of sacred geometry especially located in rooms and bathrooms, offer a touch of harmony and alignment with the general energy of the place.

Central heating was designed so that the flow of water does not affect either the body circulatory rhythm or its electrical field during the hours of rest.

Materials that have contact with skin have been chosen in like manner.

The natural wooden floor, treated only with olive oil (not chemical or laminated), allows a better connection with the earth energy at every moment. 

Linen and towels and even curtains have the highest cotton percentage possible for each product.

Soaps and the other toiletries are natural, handmade and without chemical ingredients.

The clearing of rooms is made first, physically with natural products and afterwards, energetically, with incense and special tinctures.